Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chilled Memories

Chilled Memories


Chilly weather out, wind blowing through the trees, reaching my hair as it whips my cheeks. And reaches  to my subconscious memories. Reminding me of before, when all was good then turned to crap. It’s almost as if the wind is flowing outside my physical self and into my mind and awakens these old feelings.

Those times when I had my family but then all else failed leaving me to weep on the chill floor. Tears pouring out of my blood stained eyes. Why? I ask, why do these things just happen? Is it all planned out from our makers up above? Are our lives just a story written out and us being controlled like marionettes?

Pulled by those harsh cold strings, our eyes connected to our soul just witnessing as our flesh and bone act upon these earthly desires. These preplanned events that make us or breaks us. But the funny thing is, we can change our outcomes in whatever we do, because we live and we learn from our experiences. Good or bad. We all have the courage and strength to rewrite our stories and live to the fullest.  Live to love and love to live! Take ahold of those reins and direct ourselves onto a path that we won’t regret.

What is our purpose here? To be remembered or to be forgotten? To cherish and appreciate the people in our lives or to live for ourselves?  To teach and explore or to be ruled and controlled? It's all up to us. If it wasn't for those memories I wouldn't be here today and be...who I AM.

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